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Friday, August 30, 2013

Some Libertarian and Conservative Celebrities

Mostly a personal list for me to try to track famous people willing to "come out" of the real closet. I imagine nobody is reading so I will add to the list bit by bit.

Ted Nugent (Musician)

Kevin Sorbo  (Actor- "Independent" "Christian Centrist")

Neal Peart (Musician--RUSH)

John Stossel

Greg Gutfeld (political satirist, author, humorist,- Host of Fox's Red Eye) (Leans Libertarian)

Drew Carey (Actor, Comedian) (Libertarian)

Karl Malone (Ex NBA basketball power forward) (Republican)

Janine Turner (Actress)

Krist Novoselic (Musician, bassist- co-founder- Nirvana) Libertarian/Anarchist

David Thomas (Musician- Pere UBU) - (Leans Libertarian)

Jack Kemp (Ex NFL Quarterback- congressman) (Libertarian Republican) (Deceased)

Dennis Miller (Comedian, Commentator) (Libertarian Republican)

Kelly Clarkson (Singer, Songwriter, Actress) (Leans Libertarian- endorsed Ron Paul)

Walter Williams (Economist, Author, Political and Economics Commentator) (Libertarian)

Lynyrd Skynyrd (Current Members--Rock Musicians)

Garry Cobb (Former NFL Linebacker, author, radio host) Republican

Chris Carr (NFL Cornerback) (Libertarian)

Gary Oldman (Actor) (Leans Libertarian)

Exene Cervenka (Lead Singer ,Punk Band X) (Libertarian)

Victoria Jackson (Comedian, Actress)

Nick Searcy (Actor)

Maureen (Moe) Tucker (Musician, former drummer, Velvet Underground) (TEA Party activist)

Camille Paglia (Writer, Social Critic Feminist) (Radical Libertarian)

Greg Gutfeld (TV Host, Editor, humorist, Political Commentator)

 Chuck Norris (Martial Artist, Actor) (Christian Conservative)

Walter Williams (Economist, Author, Political and Economic Commentator) (Libertarian)

Rob Schneider (Actor, Comedian)

Stormy Daniels (Porn Actress)

Fred Grandy (Actor, Former Republican Congressman, Radio Talk Show host)

Polly Morgan (Artist)

Frankie Muniz (Actor, Comedian, Racecar Driver)

Shane & Sia Barbi  (Former Playboy pin-up models)

Penn Jillette (Magician, Illusionist, Comedian, Entertainer)

Curt Schilling (Former Major League Baseball Pitcher)

Paul Rodriguez (Comedian) (Moderate Republican)

Clint Eastwood (Actor, Director, Former mayor)

P.J O'Rourke (Satirist, Journalist, Writer) Libertarian Republican

Jon Voight (Actor)

Adam Carolla (radio personality, television host, comedian, and actor) (Libertarian)

Peter Thiel  (Entrepreneur, co-founder- Pay-Pal, Venture Capitalist) (Libertarian)

Stacey Dash (Actress)

Joe Rogan (Comedian, Actor, Writer, Ultimate Fighting Color Commentator)

David Mamet  (Playwright, essayist, novelist, screenwriter, and film director) (Libertarian Republican)

Gene Simmons (Rock Musician- KISS)

Esther Dyson  ( Former Journalist, Technology analyst & current angel investor)

Tim Allen (Comedian, actor)

Mike Ditka (Former NFL Football Player, Coach, Sports Commentator)

Lynn Swann ( ex Hall of Fame Football Player) (Republican)

Russell Means (Native American Activist) Libertarian: deceased

Chuck Norris (Martial Artist, Actor)

Cindy Crawford (SuperModel) Moderate Republican

Kelsey Grammer (Actor)

Ken Wahl (Actor)

James Woods (Actor)

Ned Vaughn (Actor, Actors Union Official, Politician)

Vince Vaughn  (Actor, Screenwriter, Producer)

Ben Stein (Actor, Lawyer, Political & Economic Commentator)

Nolan Ryan ( Hall of Fame ex MLB, Baseball Pitcher) (Republican)

Steven Crowder (Comedian, Actor, Political Activist)

Fred Dryer (Actor, Former NFL Defensive End)

John Ondrasik (Singer/ Songwriter- Five For Fighting)

Brad Thor (Best selling novelist)