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Monday, July 20, 2009

Tails, You Lose: The Amazing Goldman Sachs

No, Goldman Sach's did not create the insane, senseless collectivist free for all that passes for our system of government these days- a system based on the blind belief that a small group of elite folks will serve and protect "the public interest".

Of course, most folks smart enough to work at a place like Goldman Sachs know there is not and will never be a way for anyone to know what might best for millions of living, thinking changing human beings. Goldman, and it's employees and alumni however have had an amazing record protecting their own interests.They didn't invent the game but man can they play it.

Was Hank Paulson- the former Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs CEO protecting his own interests when thought it critical to bail out AIG-- a firm that just happened to owe Goldman 13 billion or more?

Is it any wonder why we can't audit the FED?

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