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Monday, August 10, 2009

Democrat Style Free Speech

One could come up with many, many, many other examples of "gocha style" press interviews, but this is sort of a classic.

Peter Schiff, a potential candidate for Chris Dodd's senate seat is hardly allowed to talk as the host desperately attempts to shove words in his mouth and catch him in some type of trap.

Notice how the thing starts. Even the highly partisan host has to acknowledge Peter's very accurate predictions regarding the economic crisis.

Sadly--- most press interviews are not much better.

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Libertarian Advocate said...


Wish you'd keep your blog current. You've got a good instinct for what's really pissing off the people.

This was a good find. So good that I think I'll throw it up in a near future post as an example of how the left use infantile tactics to drown out libertarian and conservative voices and close off debate.