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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thinking About Secession

Secession from any country is a drastic measure that can't be taken lightly, most especially from one with such along and successful history and doing so during what should be the happy early moments of our first black president don't make it easier. Reading through the Pre Revolutionary period makes one aware how far fetched the break which we now see as positive and inevitable seemed at the time.

Take my word for it, I don't take it lightly but I think bringing up and realistically using this threat may provide the only near term path towards fixing our nation.

Living, at this moment in Western PA, and having lived my entire life deep in one "blue state" or another, I find it almost impossible to see broad support for a return to the Constitution or fiscal sanity.

However, as the long political divide between "red" and "blue" states becomes deeper, two paths seem to be emerging. The first is the continuation as a nation loyal to it's geographical borders, but not it's political and philosophical ones, in which at best- only small relative degrees of freedom remain; a nation too crippled and bankrupt to remain whole for long. The second being a move towards two nations in which- at least one has a near term possibility of returning to the Constitution.

The trick in my opinion is to focus less on convincing the most extreme "blue states" they are on the wrong path than in more thoroughly educating and creating deep broad support for the original values in the states already trending red. Remember that as separation seems more likely--this trend will be aided by an influx of new liberty loving refugees from the socialist republics.

A consistent trend of states asserting their sovereignty and directly affirming loyalty to the original meaning of the Constitution- may help knock enough sense into people to forestall a final breakup.

All thoughts are appreciated. Please understand, that our Federal government's total liabilities far in relation to it's GDP are already far beyond what has sunk most nations. We are at a point of extreme crisis.

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