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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Find Out The True Numbers

I am not an accountant, but I have some knowledge of it.

True accounting is about trying to get an accurate picture of not just one's current"cash flow" but also all assets and liabilities. A person for example with $5000 in the bank, no job, negative home equity and a leaking roof in need of $40,000 in repairs would be called broke by an honest accountant. Suppose that person had also co-signed loans promising to bail out everyone else on the block.

Let's be honest, American's would likely not have bought into most of "free" gifts offered by the government, if they knew their true cost, to themselves and future generations.

Look up the film IOUSA on the internet, to get some idea of the real reality which has only gotten much worse since the film was made.

Here is an organization dedicated to exposing the ponzi frauds both our federal, state and local governments are running.

(No, printing monopoly money in your basement, like our federal government does doesn't make you rich either)

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