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Friday, April 24, 2009

Peter Schiff To Speak At End The FED Rally Tomorrow

I don't have time to do a more propper post on this issue. But as you may know, tomorrow there will be End The Fed protests at every Federal Reserve Bank In the country.

Peter Schiff will be the key note speaker for the NY event. He is an investor and adviser to Ron Paul and part of a rather large group of people, who correctly predicted the mess the FED was getting us into. Most of them were students of the Austrian School of economics.

Peter Schiff to speak this Saturday at NYC's "End The Fed" Rally

For years, Peter Schiff has consistently warned that the policies of the Federal Reserve would drive this country toward a monumental collapse. He also warned that the Fed would respond to the crisis by doubling down on previous mistakes. That day has arrived, and people across the country are trying to stop it.

This Saturday (4/25), rallies will be held simultaneously in Washington and all cities with a Federal Reserve branch. Peter will deliver the keynote address to the NYC Campaign for Liberty's "End The Fed" Rally at City Hall Park, Manhattan.

Much attention has been focused on last week's Tax Day Tea Parties. Those events showcased pent up frustration with runaway government, but also revealed some political partisanship that has been exploited by pro-regime pundits. This upcoming rally, however, has a clear and non-partisan goal: pass HR 1207. This bill, backed by more than 65 Congressman and introduced by Representative Ron Paul, would for the first time give Congress greater audit authority over the Federal Reserve and increase transparency at the central bank. Organizers of the rally believe that the more Americans understand about the Federal Reserve System, such as how its continual expansion of the money supply robs savers of their wealth, the more they will demand a return to real money.

Friends of Euro Pacific are urged to take time from their busy schedules to show their support. The campaign has posted a Meetup page for the event, but the basic details are as follows:

Saturday, April 25th
Assemble at the New York Federal Reserve building (33 Liberty St.)
March up Broadway
Arrive at City Hall Park
Guest Speakers
Keynote by Peter Schiff

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