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Monday, April 06, 2009

State Pensions For Criminals In New York

The Buffalo News has a story about the sacred protections for public pensions in New York State that even convicted criminals can't lose.

Other criminals mentioned included a Buffalo Detective serving 45 years in prison who gets a 40 thousand dollar pension; a convicted narcotics investigator with a 55,000 disability pension and a teacher convicted of sexual assault who collects 52,000 per year.

" Earlier this year, retired New York City police detectives Louis Eppolito, 60, and Stephen Caracappa, 67, were convicted of orchestrating murders for the mob while they were police officers.

Caracappa gets to keep his $63,000 a year pension. Eppolito gets to keep his $47,000 pension."

The majority of the listed people actually committed their crimes on the job.

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