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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If it's Not The Axis Of Evil, It's Pretty Close

We all may argue with the best way to deal with Iran, but was George Bush really far from the truth when he called it's regime- Evil? If we can't fight all the world's battles, can't we at least have the courage to call a bad government, bad.

In 2003 a Canadian photographer died in custody after photographing a protest in Tehran.

“Everything I saw indicated it was organised torture and not an injury that caused her death,” Dr Azam said. Deep scratches behind her neck “looked like the result of nails digging into the flesh”.

Her right shoulder was bruised, she had two broken fingers, a broken nose, three missing fingernails, a skull fracture, crushed left toe and a burst ear membrane, he said. Male doctors in Iran are not permitted to conduct vaginal examinations, but a nurse found severe abdominal and genital bruising and concluded that it was the result of savage rape. Ms Kazemi had bruises from her abdominal area down to her thighs."

Saaed Mortazavi,known in Iran as "the butcher of the press, responsible for brutal arrests of journalists, bloggers and activists in Iran is has been put in charge of prisoner interrogations.

Well, it's getting better--- No free hot dogs.

Hat tips to Atlas Shrugs for trying to keep a clear focus on the horror going on in Iran.

Many, many videos online. Of course confirming facts and stories is difficult since most communications have been cut and all press are banned from walking the streets.

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