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Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama Removes AmeriCorps Investigator-After He Investigates Friend

Of course, everyone deserves some benefit of the doubt as to their reasoning and integrity until they show they don't deserve it. Naturally we don't trust a person convicted of multiple repeat cases of fraud the way we do a normal citizen.

"President Barack Obama says he has lost confidence in the inspector general who investigates AmeriCorps and other national service programs and has told Congress he is removing him from the position.

Obama's move follows an investigation by IG Gerald Walpin of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who is an Obama supporter and former NBA basketball star, into the misuse of federal grants by a nonprofit education group that Johnson headed"

So far, Obama has given no specific reason for the firing except to say through a spokesman that the decision was "carefully considered".

Legally, I believe he must give his this reason and hopefuly people will force Congress to demand it. We have long since past the point at which we can give Obama the benefit of the doubt.

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