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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Remember--- No Preconditions: Iran And North Korea Call Obama's Bluff

Today, Iran's so called "president" made this statement.

"We are surprised at Mr. Obama," Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in remarks to judiciary officials broadcast on state television. "Didn't he say that he was after change? Why did he interfere?"

"They keep saying that they want to hold talks with Iran ... but is this the correct way? Definitely, they have made a mistake," Ahmadinejad said."

Why is Iran surprised? Well, because he has repeatedly said and implied that he would meet with the leader of any tyrannical regime at anytime with no preconditions-- none at all- no matter who they arrest,kill, attack or threaten.

Ahmadinejad is clearly offering talks as a reward to Obama which confirms the point made by many that by simply publicly talking to tyrannical governments we are giving them a respect they don't deserve.

We are seeing the same process with North Korea which has rewarded years of talks and hundreds of millions in foreign aid with nuclear tests, threats to attack Hawaii and "wipe the US off the map".

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