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Sunday, June 28, 2009

People's Nanny Republic Of San Francisco To Ban New Head Shops In The Haight

Sane people with who love liberty have long known San Francisco to be a horrible place to live but it's probably going to become a drag to even visit.

From Libertarian Republican

"The Supervisor's Board, made up of all Democrats and Greens, voted unanimously in favor of the amendment. (Not a single Republican or Libertarian serves on the SF Board of Supervisors.) Mayor Newsom is expected to sign it. From the SF Examiner:

Mayor Gavin Newsom will consider signing the bill, his spokesman said.

“When even the Green Party politicians are opposing head shops, you know it’s a legitimate issue,” Newsom spokesman Nathan Ballard said."

If you have any Do Re or Mi left get out of California. Could it be that the owners of old head shops advocated this bill to eliminate potential competitors?

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